A Call for Unity

A Message from Our President


Dear Colleague,

On behalf of the Addiction Treatment Providers Association (ATPA), I invite you to join our organization. ATPA represents the interests and goals of New York’s premier proprietary agencies and through ATPA you have a formidable voice in every critical area that is vital to our success as business leaders.

Last month ATPA celebrated a victory in the passing of historical legislation directly impacting your ability to do business in New York. Specifically, ATPA was highly engaged negotiating the “Access to Care” legislation, much improving New Yorkers’ access to full recovery by the removal of insurers’ “fail first” language. Our success has resulted in our Association’s recognition as a powerful, unified voice of proprietary treatment providers in New York State.

ATPA membership is represented by the extraordinary Mercury Public Affairs, making our unique needs visible with the legislature and executive branch. Because ATPA is NY’s only association for proprietary providers, OASAS and NYSDOH, as well as the State’s legislative leadership, continually request us to be part of their key work groups. This allows us to directly influence new regulations, policy and the overall understanding of the field of proprietary providers. Surely you want to be part of this effort.

Beyond representing our specific needs as proprietors, ATPA supports and educates our members about vital issues, guiding you through the morass of New York State’s behavioral system. ATPA and its representatives are currently involved in the most current issues affecting your business’s future, including DSRIP, Health Homes, and Managed Medicaid for behavioral health, as well as OASAS-specific initiatives such as LOCADTR 3 and the new 822 regulations. Ongoing, ATPA provides opportunities for professional networking, monthly meetings, annual conferences, Legislative Breakfast roundtable’s, and a well-designed and managed website

On the heels of our recent victory, and considering the quickening pace of our field’s evolution, there is no better time to be part of ATPA. The more members, the greater our impact – we strongly urge you to become involved with ATPA as we create our 2014-2015 legislative and budgetary agenda.

To learn more, please contact me for a personal site visit and to have your needs heard- you are stronger when united. We look forward to your membership.


Avraham Schick,