Social Work Licensure Permanent Exemption in Exec Budget

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We are very pleased to see that the Governor has included a permanent exemption from the social work licensure scope of practice legislation for “individuals working in programs that are regulated, operated, funded or approved by the Office of Mental Health, DOH, the State Office for the Aging, the Office of Children and Family Services, DOCCS, OASAS, and the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities, and/or local governmental units or social services districts.” (pg. 33)

Article VII language can be found on pages 390-391 at:


From our friends at ASAP

This is a critical issue that has been at the top of ASAP’s advocacy agenda for a number of years given the potential workforce crisis that would arise if current exemptions for our agencies written into law were to sunset. Through the diligent hard work of many of our members and a number of other advocates on this issue, our concerns have been heard and recognized by the Governor in his budget proposal. Governor Cuomo’s administration has clearly recognized that the state cannot afford the fiscal impact, loss of workforce and decreased access to services that would arise should the current exemptions sunset in the social work licensure law.


We will advocate strongly throughout the budget season to ensure the Assembly and Senate support this key provision of the Executive Budget, and include it in the final enacted budget. Please feel free to contact us with any questions on this important issue, and thank you to all who contributed to advocacy on this front!


We will share further budget details very soon.

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