Please send this to Governor Cuomo or use it as the basis for your own letter

Today is the day. Any amendments that are to be made to the Insurance Access to Care bill we have been working on will be completed by 11:59 tonight (and probably a lot sooner than that).

Our goal is to pressure all state leaders to keep the “same as” bills intact as currently written. That is, A. 9973a /S. 7762a.

Family members are in town today and tomorrow, working to keep the pressure on the Assembly (bill needs to come out of Assembly Insurance Cmte and to the floor).

Attached is a letter for you to complete and send to Governor Cuomo via fax today (as soon as possible). If the line is busy PLEASE keep trying!

(Letter needs your logo and some information specific to your organization in the first paragraph).

Please distribute to your coalition partners as soon as possible.


Governor’s Fax: (518) 474-1513

Exec Letter final

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