Open Enrollment in NY Insurance Exchange Begins October 1


This is a reminder that open enrollment in the state insurance exchange, New York State of Health (, begins October 1st. Insurance coverage through the exchange will be effective January 1, 2014.

The NY State of Health website has several helpful documents which we encourage you to review, share with staff and consumers as appropriate ([0]=field_resource_type%3A3).

Each region of the state has local Exchange Navigators who will be available to assist employers and individuals in understanding coverage options through the exchange ([0]=field_resource_type%3A81). We encourage you to reach out to local navigators following October 1, especially as you assist uninsured consumers who need to find coverage.

We will certainly discuss the exchange and its implications at next week’s public policy retreat and annual membership meeting (go to for more information), we hope many of you will be joining us. Our Monday public policy calls will also serve as an opportunity to discuss the roll out of the exchange and identify any issues with navigating the system and enrollment.

Please feel free to contact us with specific questions you might have about the exchange in the days and weeks ahead.

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