2012 AARP Survey of New York Registered Voters Ages 30-64 on the Development of a State Health Insurance Exchange

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State health insurance exchanges are a provision of the new health law passed by Congress in 2010. States can establish and run their own state health insurance exchange or the exchange will be developed and run by the federal government. The Governor has included a plan to establish a state health insurance exchange in his budget proposal this year. This proposal estimates that the exchange would provide coverage for 1 million uninsured New Yorkers as well as reduce costs for individuals who purchase insurance through the exchange by 66% and reduce costs for small businesses by 26%.

In its continued efforts to be a strong voice for all consumers of health care, AARP in New York commissioned a survey of residents ages 30 to 64 to gauge their opinion of the Governor’s plan to develop a state health insurance exchange. This telephone survey of New York registered voters ages 30-64 was fielded February 18 to March 1, 2012. A total of 400 interviews were completed yielding a margin of error of ±4.9 percent. The annotated survey begins on page 4.


  • One out of 8 (12%) New York registered voters ages 30 to 64 responding to this survey say they currently do not have any kind of health care coverage. Those who work for businesses with fewer than 50 employees are three times more likely to be without insurance coverage than those who work for business with 50 or more employees (25% vs. 8%).
  • The majority of respondents who have health insurance say they have employer-based coverage, but roughly half of these respondents say they are extremely (28%) or very (20%) worried about these employers increasing the amount they have to pay for their health care and insurance.
  • Most New York registered voters ages 30 to 64 who are insured are worried about increases in their premiums (80%) and are concerned they won’t be able to maintain their current health coverage over the next 5 years (74%).
  • About eight out of ten respondents are worried they will have to pay more for their family’s health care (80%) and that they will not be able to afford the health care services their family may need (77%).
  • Three out of five registered voters in New York ages 30 to 64 support the Governor’s plan to create a health insurance exchange, which is estimated to provide coverage for 1 million uninsured New Yorkers and reduce the cost of insurance for small businesses and those who are self-insured, with no cost to the State.
  • Nearly two-thirds indicate it should be a top or high priority for the State Legislature to pass a budget this year that includes the Governor’s health insurance exchange.


To view the full report please visit this LINK

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